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Royalties & Supporting the WFA

Through Reveille Press we offer a preferrential rate of publishing (see pricing) for WFA members where the fee covers the lowest cost to bring your book professionally to market. This is not subsidised by the WFA but is done as a group benefit to encourage, develop and increase the awareness of the Great War content to as wide an audience as possible and of course to share members works within the WFA community.

Our royalty rates are then shared between the author and the Western Front Association based on an equal share of 60% of the net profit per book. This as an average value works out to between 50p and £1 per book (dependent on the RRP). Alternatively our service is offered to non-members at full price.

We issue a royalty statement once per annum, in March for preceeding calendar year sales January to December. This is calculated from book trade sales i.e. those sold via our retail and distributor channels. Naturally, no royalties are paid on books purchased directly by the author for their own use / sales.

Please note that due to Data Protection legislation we only have information relating to total sales, and not individual retail outlets or consumer purchases.

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