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About Reveille Press

Reveille Press is an exclusive military history imprint (specialising in works relating to the Great War) from Tommies Guides Military Book Specialists, which aims to help authors see their works published rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively through a dedicated and highly competitive enhanced self-publishing service.

Reveille Press strives to:
  1. Enable works of military history authors to be published – whether for pleasure, for distribution to family members, or with aspirations for commercial success
  2. Save authors the high costs associated with ‘vanity’ publishing; the hassle of conventional ‘self-publishing’; or the time and negative emotions associated with rejection slips from mainstream publishers
  3. Support the author through generous royalty payments 

The parent company, Tommies Guides Military Book Specialists, was founded in 2005 by Ryan Gearing, a member of the Western Front Association, Last Post Association, Guild of Battlefield Guides and The Royal British Legion.

Ryan’s passion for military history and his experience in the publishing and the book trade since 1993 has given him a sympathetic approach to both traditional paper-based publishing and the exciting innovations now possible through digital, shortrun, print-on-demand and online publishing.

We will consider works in virtually any genre covering military history with a primary angle on the Great War (including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and reference) that are unlikely to attract mainstream publishers – typically because of the specialist nature of the titles or because an author is (as yet!) unknown.

It may be that you see publishing as the last stage in a labour of love, or a creative process, and that holding the finished copy and/or seeing it available for sale online is the final achievement.

Some authors publish for posterity, for family history reasons to ‘keep the memory green’ or just to share their knowledge and experiences. 

Others, often academics, want their work published to further their careers.

Many authors believe (some rightly!) they are undiscovered ‘best-sellers’: others secretly hope that they are.

Whatever your reason, the professionally finished product published via Reveille Press will be available for purchase or gifts, like any other book in the market. If you have a particular focus on your title, you may have identified a market or part of a market with which we can help you. By sharing the information both ways, we can maximise the return on the investment both financially and in time.
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