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Our standard service fee for complete set up and publication of your book (up to 256 pages) is available from £895.00 - see Service Summary for full service description.

Whatever option you choose, you are not obliged to purchase any quantity of stock. We manage the processing of orders and distribution of your book into the trade and are responsible for arranging copies to be printed to fulfil this.


Set Up Service set-up and publishing service fee £895 £1895
Finished Copies A number of finished copies are provided to complete the service. Further copies are available at 50% of RRP 5 copies 20 copies
Alternative Size 170x245 / 210x270 / 210x297 £80 included
Alternative Format Change from softback (Paperback) to squareback or rounded back format (Hardback) £30 included
Dual Format Option to have simultaneous availability of paperback/hardback formats (includes allocation of 2 ISBNs) £80 £80
Additional Pages Charge for page layout for titles over 256 pages £0.50 per page included
Plate Sections Art paper sections within the book containing either black-and-white
or colour photographs
on application on application
Colour Photography Colour photographs or illustrations can be included in any project on application on application
Illustrations Illustrator for commissions for content or jacket designs on application on application
Map Drawing Bespoke map drawing service £30-£60 per map £30-£60 per map
Image Scanning or Photography Original photographs or documents can be digitised for inclusion in your book if you are unable to provide these yourself £2.00 per image £2.00 per image
Copy-typing / Transcribing For non-digital submissions £10 per 1000 words £10 per 1000 words
Editorial Critique Initial editorial critique/overview, which may help refine or shape your work prior to final submission £100 £100
Proofreading Minor errors are corrected. Minor errors include: errors of grammar and style (e.g., verb tense, units such as ml, use of numerals and words such as “5” or “five”)
errors of capitalization, punctuation (e.g., the use of commas, semicolons, colons, periods, dashes, apostrophes) errors of spelling and word usage (e.g., to/too, affect/effect)
£5 per 1000 words Included
Copy Edit The editor corrects problems of grammar, style, repetition, word usage, and jargon while preserving your meaning and voice. They may rewrite tangled sentences or suggest alternative wordings. They can ensure that your text conforms to a certain style; if your project includes elements such as captions, tables, or footnotes, they can check those against the text. £7 per 1000 words Included
Substantive Edit  As above but the document is evaluated as a whole and problems of structure, organization, coherence, and logical consistency are corrected. This process is done once you have a full text. They will help you get it into its final form, which may involve reordering or rewriting segments of it to improve readability, clarity, or accuracy. Sentences may be removed or added. Paragraphs may be rewritten, condensed, or expanded. Blocks of text may be moved from one section to another.  £10 per 1000 words £10 per 1000 words
Indexing Created from final page layout £2.50 per page £2.50 per page
Paper Page Proofs A4 Paper Page Proofs £25 per set £25 per set
Additional Corrections Two rounds of authors corrections are included. Further corrections chargeable £50 per round £50 per round
Marketing Materials We can design and print promotional items such as book marks, flyers, posters and postcards on application on application
Bespoke Website We can provide a bespoke website to promote your book with an e-commerce facility if desired on application on application


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