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You can download our New Title and Author Questionnaire, Technical Guidelines and Illustration Contents Sheet from the resources section on our website, or contact us direct to receive a copy in order to complete this process.

Manuscripts should normally be submitted in digital format on CD Rom, DVD or USB Flash Drive or via email to

If you are unable to send electronic copy, we can accept other formats including typed work. For full details please see Technical Guidelines. For further advice please contact us at via email at:

If you want to include images in the body of your book please remember these can normally be reproduced only in black-and-white. When preparing your digital text, ideally you should NOT embed or paste the images into the actual text of the document. However, you do need to indicate where the image should go in the document and you should do this by inserting a marker enclosed by angle brackets < > with a blank line above and below, as follows:
<image1.jpg >

If you require a caption, this should be included in the text of your manuscript immediately following the image marker. We also suggest completing the Illustration Contents Sheet to accompany any images, illustrations or maps.

If the images are embedded, please ensure we also have a complete copy of all the images supplied separately. For further guidance on using and preparing images, please refer to our Technical Guidelines available on our website.

In completing the New Title and Author Questionnaire, it is important to consider what information you will include on the back cover of your book. It is desirable to include a brief summary of the book, which should not exceed 300 words. Reviews of your work can also be put on the cover and should include the credit.

The back cover can also include a photograph and brief biography of the author: ideally, the biography should be about 70 words.

Reveille Press cannot publish work that infringes another person’s legal rights.

It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that all permissions for material or graphics have been granted or obtained. We reserve the right to decline to publish work that we consider of inappropriate quality.

If you are using material from another published source in your book, you must have obtained permission in writing from the copyright holder: the publisher or Society of Authors may be able to help you research this. Do keep a record of all correspondence, as proof that attempts to obtain permissions have been made.

Different rules apply to prose extracts compared to that of poetry, illustrations, works of art and photography.  

Reasonable effort
If you are unable to contact the copyright owner but a substantial effort has been made on your part to locate the owner, then you may still be able use the copyright work as intended.

The law recognises that some copyright owners may be extremely difficult to locate, which would be unfair to individuals wishing to use the copyright work. Thus the law states that if a user is unable to locate the copyright owner, as long as a user has put in ‘reasonable effort’ to trace the owner, then the copyright material may be used.

A suggested paragraph for inclusion follows:
Every effort has been made by the author to trace copyright holders and to obtain their permission for the use of copyright material. The publisher apologises for any errors or omissions in the above list and would be grateful if notified of any corrections that should be incorporated in future reprints or editions of this book.

Some useful websites:
  • DACS (Design and Artists Copyright Society) -
  • Society of Authors -
  • The Poetry Society -
  • Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society -
Download the New Title and Author Questionnaire, Technical Guidelines and Illustration Form from the resources section available on our website, or contact us to receive a copy in order to begin the publishing process. We look forward to working with you!
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