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Why Choose Reveille Press

For many people, publishing a book means the traditional model but in the modern world this has many disadvantages to the niche or first-time author. Reveille Press provides the ideal solution.

Mainstream publishers and niche and first-time authors
The traditional publishing model typically involves a mainstream publisher accepting or commissioning a book for publication. The author may receive an advance and further royalties for each book sold. Traditionally the publishers take a risk on the number of books to produce. If they get it wrong they can be left out of pocket, with many thousands unsold – or having to reprint in a hurry
to fulfil unexpected demand, leading to delays at the sales points.

With such high risks and overheads, publishers need to get higher returns for their investments, so books generally have to be considered to have mass market potential. They will try to minimise their financial risks by looking for proven track-records or sales potential: for example using celebrity status.

For new or niche-market authors, accessing the market via traditional means can be extremely difficult, time-consuming and dispiriting – and may be totally unrelated to the author’s talent or the importance of the material.

Even obtaining an agent is hard: many publishers will not consider work unless submitted by an agent and many agents will not consider representing an unpublished author. Catch 22!

Reveille Press – custom-made for niche and first-time authors
We offer a refreshing, modern approach to publishing your book, while making it available through all the traditional and global distribution networks. By using short-run and print-on-demand models, but maintaining a minimum stock level, we ensure the following benefits to authors, distributors and booksellers:
  • No requirement to commit to buy a specific quantity of a title
  • No unnecessary risk of being left with unsold stock
  • Books available in hardback or paperback, sometimes both
  • Short-run and print-on-demand models ensure your book is always available - we never go ‘out of print’
  • Maintaining minimum stock levels means no delay on meeting orders*
  • Typically, books will be available within 24 hours to any bookshop in the UK and 72 hours in Europe
  • World-wide readership can be reached at all times through our distribution partners
* Many ‘on-demand’ based publishing operations and those promoting self-publishing do not offer this facility and you will often see titles flagged ‘manufactured on demand’ or ‘usually despatched in 1–2 weeks’, which fundamentally affects sales potential and hampers booksellers in ordering titles.

As a professional publisher, our service automatically includes:
  • Allocation of ISBN and barcode
  • Submission to all UK Legal deposit libraries
  • Registration with Nielsen BookData, the UK bibliographic database
  • Submission to major trade outlets
  • Submission and guaranteed stock holding via distribution network
  • Review copies sent to specialist and niche-market publications
All titles published by Reveille Press benefit from complete book-trade data submission and distribution ensuring your book is available from any UK or Internet bookseller at any time.
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